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Fanboy Radio #369 – Wil Wheaton LIVE
February 18th, 2007

The writer, actor and all-around nice guy, Wil Wheaton, guy joins this special episode of FbR.  Most may remember Wil in his portrayals of ensign Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Next Generation, Gordie LaChance, in the film Stand By Me and Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers.  Wil is an accomplished voice actor with highlights in Grand Theft Auto, Teen Titans & Legion of Super Heroes, but Wil’s writings on pop and geek culture makes him an ideal FbR guest.  He has contributed to such venues as SuicideGirls, Dragon Magazine, and The Onion and his two books, Just A Geek and Dacing Barefoot are in stores now.  Hosts Scott and Sean chat about working on the set of TNG, comics, writing, video games and life as a fanboy.


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