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Fanboy Radio #345 – Ron Marz & Steve Bauman
November 1st, 2006

One hour of high-energy comic talk – two great guests.  Up first on Fanboy Radio is Ron Marz, the infamous writer/creator that has had a profound impact on the Green Lantern mythos, Witchblade and various Star Wars titles.  On the show, he discusses with host Scott a slew of comic titles including Ion, Samurai: Heaven and Earth, Blade of Kumori and the upcomming series, Russian Sunset and Pantheon City.  Next on the program is Steve Bauman, the Editor-In-Chief of the new gaming periodical, MASSIVE Magazine that focuses tightly on MMOs or Massively-Multiplayer Online games.  Steve and Scott chat about the impact of the new way to game and chat about upcomming titles.

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