FbR History
Before there was ever such a thing as a podcast, Scott Hinze has been posting mp3 recordings of his radio talk show on the internet.
Back in 2001, he and co-creator of the show, Josiah Miller, spoke to the very accessible and fun professionals in the comic book industry because no one else had and they had questions only a fanboy could ask.
The show went from a thirty-minute broadcast, once every other week, to an entire hour, then weekly and finally twice a week once underwriters began to demand as much as the crew could produce that both fanboys and newbies alike would be entertained by.
Gaining experience and a reputation to stir things up with an opinion or two, Scott continued the show with TJ Colligan who gave an artistic perspective on comic reviews and discussion.
Comedian Oliver Tull joined the show in 2003 and he and Scott became great friends as the show began syndication in Canada and began to experiment with televised-versions of the show starting with their first production, The Fanboy Lounge.
In 2006, Scott and Oliver worked at the now-defunct IPTV network, MN1.com on the hour-long Fanboy TV show which ran successfully for an entire 26 episode season.
Now, the boys are busy with Fanboy Radio and the new Fanboy Video, their guerilla-style coverage of pop culture done inside short videos, perfect for websurfer consumption.
FbR Producers
Brita Hinze Photo Britta Natwig Hinze met Scott at TCU while they were students. She graduated with a Radio/TV/Film degree and produced Health News on the Dallas ABC-Affiliate for 2 years. In 2003, she became the technical producer of FbR and brought a female non-comic reader perspective to the show. In her spare time she reads vampire novels & only the best comics, makes jewelry, and enjoys playing tennis with friends. Currently she works full time as a Realtor with Alexander Chandler Realty and lives in Arlington with Scott and their dogs.
About Fanboy Radio
FbR LogoFanboy Radio (or 'FbR') is a radio talk show all about pop culture and entertainment from the fan's perspective. The broadcast/podcast covers the comic book world regularly and spotlights many comic-related movies and television shows, but also includes discussion about video games, animation, collecting, science fiction, role-playing games, toys, tabletop gaming, current events and anything that encompasses geek-culture. The show is filled with humor, opinions and information that attempts to engage listeners new or unfamiliar with comics while still speaking to the audience of fanboys around the world.
You can listen to recorded episodes of Fanboy Radio right here at fanboyradio.com but if you are interested in participating in a live broadcast, be sure to tune in to the live webcast from their home station at KTCU FM 88.7 - The Choice at their regular showtime - Sundays at 6pm Central (7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific).
Fanboy Radio Hosts
Scott Hinze Photo Scott Hinze is the 'fanboy' of Fanboy Radio. He has entertained with a now iconic larger-than-life personality and has educated the masses that there is a comic book out there for every age and every taste. Bringing a unique, raw, passionate energy to the airwaves is one of the hallmarks of FbR and listeners and guests find it to be a refreshing and, at times, hilarious experience. He's a guru and critic of all things in modern comics and is also an authority on gaming, new media, sci-fi/fantasy film and tv, anime/animation, niche/cult/fan media and all things related therein. Scott lives in Arlington, Tx with his wife Britta, and pups Boston Terrier Gizmo and Basset Hound Cosmo.
Oliver Tull Photo Oliver Tull takes both his comics and his comedy quite seriously. 'OT,' as Scott frequently dubs him, has been a featured stand-up comedian at the Improv, the Laugh Stop, and the Funny Bone among others. He made the natural transition to improvisation and joined the cast of Four Day Weekend in August of 1999 where he performs each weekend in downtown Fort Worth. Oliver is an actor, director and writer with over 200 commercial, television and film credits to his name, including "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Dr. T and the Women," "The Life of David Gale," Church's Chicken, McDonald's, and Applebee's Restaurants to name a few. Oliver's short film "Today and Tomorrow" was named a finalist in the Fort Worth Film Festival, and his next short, "This is not a Chair" was a finalist in the Hollywood Black Film Festival. Oliver also wrote, produced and starred in "Equilateral", which was featured at the San Diego Comic-Con Film Festival. Over the years, Oliver's favorite comics include Green Lantern, Brother Voodoo and just about everything Jack 'King' Kirby has ever touched. Currently Oliver lives happily in Fort Worth with his wife Natilie and his three video game systems.
David Hopkins Photo David Hopkins hosts Fanboy Radio's Indie Show. In addition, he is a comic book writer and essayist. His work includes Karma Incorporated, Emily Edison, Astronaut Dad, an adaptation of Antigone, plus regular contributions to D Magazine and the Smart Pop Series from BenBella Books. David was recognized in the Dallas Observer's Best Of 2006 as "Best Local Comic Book Writer" and the American Library Association's list of "Great Graphic Novels for Teens." David lives in Arlington, Texas with his four year old daughter Kennedy.
Sean Jackson Photo Sean Jackson. Born in the '70s, Sean Jackson is truly a child of that decade. A fan of Star Wars, Hot Wheels and Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sean ended up graduating with a BA in Radio/TV Communication and was one of the few people who was able to put his degree to work. A native Texan, Sean can't wait for Tuesdays for new DVD's, Wednesdays for new comics and Fridays for new films. His wife and 2 dogs are pretty much the only thing that keep him from loosing his marbles, and Sean feels a bit silly writing this in the third person. Cheers!